We realize TACA cannot have chapters in every town and every state, but we know many families need us. TACA families need information in a way that is more convenient to them, and as a response to their needs, we are now pleased to offer webinars for our members.

TACA Webinars will be offered based on our Autism Journey Blueprints so members can follow along on their journey based on topic, needs and age of the child. The four topics will include:

Educational –
All school related topics including: IEP’s, homeschooling, legal, therapies, evaluations, curriculum
Resources -
Resources include all financial, services, insurance and therapies
Autism Journey Blueprint Path by age
- Years 1-3
- Years 4 to teen
- Teens
- Adults
Medical & Diet -
This topic includes all topics related to medical and dietary interventions

TACA Autism Journey Blueprints can be found: https://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/autism-journey-blueprints/

TACA will be holding webinars with featured physicians, researchers, attorneys, therapists and knowledgeable providers to help educate and empower families living with autism. Be sure to bookmark this page for more details.

Upcoming webinars:

Topic Type of Webinar Date & Time Presenter
What You Can Do Before a MAPS Appt Medical & Diet November 6
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Holly Bortfeld
TACA Parent Support & Lead Author
How Digestive Enzymes benefit those on specialized diets such as: GFCFSF, SCD, GAPS and Body Ecology Medical & Diet November 12
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Tom Bohager
Founder of Enzymedica/
Autism Hope Alliance
Sensory Enrichment Therapy Resources November 19
12pm PST /
3-4pm EST
Dr. Michael Leon
Dietary Overview: what diets help what issues? Medical & Diet November 20
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Lisa Ackerman
TACA Founder
Immune, viral issues & autism Medical & Diet December 5
2pm PST /
5-6pm EST
Dr. Dan Rossignol
Going GFCFSF in 10 Weeks Medical & Diet December 11
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Holly Bortfeld
TACA Parent Support & Lead Author
Gastrointestinal issues & autism Medical & Diet January 16
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Dr. Anju Usman
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism Medical & Diet January 22
11am PST /
2-3pm EST
Dr. Suzanne Goh
Fermented foods, Enzymes & Probiotics Medical & Diet Feb 20, 2015
10am PST /
1-2pm EST
Dr. Anju Usman

Details & Restrictions

  • All Live Webinars registration must occur 7 days prior to the webinar date and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Recorded Webinars and physician/clinician live chats will be available through the private DRUND community. You will receive an invitation to participate after signing up for TACA + within 10 days. Drund community access will be limited to a one-user access. Users accessing from multiple computers will result in TACA having the right to cancel your pro-rated membership.
  • We are unable to offer technical support to access webinars. Please make sure that your computer has the capability to run the software needed to participate. When you register, the email invitation to attend will include information or links to information describing minimum computer requirements.
  • TACA strives to ensure that the focus of our webinars is education and support, and to provide a safe, supportive environment for our attendees. TACA reserves the right to refuse admittance to any individual.
  • Webinars are available on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device via the GoToMeeting app.

If you have any questions about TACA’s webinars, please contact Nicole Moshier at nicole.moshier@tacanow.org or by phone toll free at (855) 726-7810 or (949) 640-4401.

To suggest future webinar topics or speakers, please email your ideas to webinars@tacanow.org.

TACA webinars are sponsored by ENZYMEDICA, MENDABILITY & OPERATION JACK. We greatly appreciate their support in making this possible for our members. Mendability-new-logo

We are seeking additional webinar sponsorship. For more information, please contact Lisa Ackerman at lisa.ackerman@tacanow.org or by phone toll free at (855) 726-7810 or (949) 640-4401.